April 1, 2006


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As an American citizen I can deal with the fact that I am helping support the millions of illegal immigrants that are here. I can deal with the health care system being overloaded. However, it does bother me that they create an unfair job market by working for such small wages. I dont beleive that all the jobs they take now are jobs that Americans wont do, Americans just wont do them for $3 an hour. I also find it offensive that they stand in the home of the ones sacrificing for them to be here waving the Mexican flag, chanting Ma he co! Ma he co isnt the one  taking care of you. Ma he co isnt the country you are protesting to stay in. Shouldnt you be holding American flags, chanting America!


January 12, 2006

With freedom …

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… come responsibility.

With great freedom comes great responsiblity. ~ 59ideas

January 11, 2006

Welcome Message

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